1. Basic regulations

1.1 The operator of the weather website (also as "Sunshine") is the company Evaluate Dynamics s.r.o., IČ: 292 86 042, with its registered office in Czech Republic, Suchohrdly u Miroslavi 145, postal code 671 72 (also as "operator").

1.2 Before using Sunshine, each user is obliged to get acquainted with these General Terms and Conditions of Use (also as "Conditions"). By using Sunshine, everyone agrees with these Conditions and their individual regulations and is obliged to follow them.

1.3 The aim of Sunshine is to provide users with clear information on weather and meteorological conditions in the world, as well as other related information (weather forecasts, radar and satellite images, photo galleries, webcams, etc.).

1.4 All information provided on Sunshine (weather forecast, etc.) represents only the expected state and progression of the weather, the operator does not guarantee their accuracy and completeness in any way. The operator is not liable for damage caused by incorrect forecast or incorrect data on Sunshine.

2. Uploading photos and placing webcams

2.1 The Operator allows users to place their own photos and provide webcam links on Sunshine, free of charge.

2.2 Photographs placed on Sunshine users should be thematically related to the weather. Only photos authored by the user can be placed on Sunshine. By placing the photo on Sunshine, the user also declares that its publication will not infringe copyright or other rights and legitimate interests of third parties.

2.3 Webcams placed on Sunshine must be configured so that it will not be possible to identify individuals or objects that would help to identify people and will not display immoral and illegal content. In case of violation of this regulation, the operator is entitled to demand from the user who placed the webcam on Sunshine all costs (eg damages, court costs, costs of legal representation, etc.) that arise in connection with the claims of third parties.

2.4 The operator is not responsible for the content of user-placed photos and webcams.

2.5 The Operator reserves the right to remove (or make inaccessible) photos or links to webcams placed on Sunshine by the user at any time (especially offensive, vulgar, obscene or violating the law).

2.6 By uploading a photo or webcam, the user agrees to the recording and processing of his IP address for the purposes of recording the inserted content and for internal use.

3. Using the "Weather on the Web" application

3.1 The Operator allows the application to place selected weather information listed on Sunshine on other websites, free of charge.

3.2 It is strictly forbidden to use the application on websites with inappropriate content (pornographic, drug-related, racial intolerant, warez, etc.).

3.3 The operator is not responsible for the functionality and proper functioning of the application.

4. Weather forecast by mail

4.1 The Operator allows users, on the basis of an individual request, to send the weather forecast for the selected location via email, free of charge.

4.2 Based on the completed application, the weather forecast will be sent to the user on the selected email at the selected frequency and for the selected location. The user has no legal right to the information sent in this way. The operator is not liable for damage caused by a malfunction of the email system.

4.3 The user has the option to cancel the sending of emails at any time.

5. Final regulations

5.1 Sunshine and its components (software, graphic design, etc.) are protected by the operator's copyright. Everyone is obliged to avoid infringing these copyrights, otherwise they are exposed to the possibility of legal action (damages, criminal liability, etc.)

5.2 The operator is entitled to change these rules at any time, these changes are binding for users from the moment of their publication, or from another moment specified by the operator.

5.3 These conditions are binding for all Sunshine users on the day of their publication.

Published: August 8th, 2022

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