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Radar Abu Dhabi

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Radar and current precipitation for Abu Dhabi

Radar precipitation and cloud cover for the location of the calculation coordinates: 24.467 LAT 54.367 LON

Meteoblue radar maps capture cloud cover (white layer of the map) or total precipitation in a range of 4 intensity levels (drizzle, light, medium and heavy precipitation) over the area focused around the location Abu Dhabi. You can zoom in and out of the radar map by using the mouse wheel. There is no cloud cover where there is no color layer, but only the classic map relief. Radar images and precipitation trends can be displayed up to 3 hours backwards and can be viewed over the entire planet Earth.

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The Meteoblue forecast was originally developed at the University of Basel, Switzerland, based on NOAA/NCEP models. Meteoblue forecasts quickly became popular with scientists and the public with a specific interest in meteorology, including climbers, (hobby) pilots and astronomers. YouTube video history of Meteoblue development
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